S2 Global solutions streamlines processes that free up personnel to better focus on what matters most: secure travel and trade.

The challenges are real: A government needs to inspect 100% of all cargo crossing its borders and stimulate trade and investment. A commercial company needs to comply with security regulations in multiple countries. All parties need to do manage secure trade and travel with less resources.

S2 Global helps customers meet these challenges cost-effectively. With the complexities of our global landscape, advanced scanning technology for inspection of vehicles, rail containers, cargo containers, air cargo pallets and baggage and parcels is paramount for staying ahead in detection of threats ranging from shielded nuclear materials, to narcotics, weapons and currency, to undeclared goods such as cigarettes. Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) systems are essential components towards achieving optimal throughput and 100% scanning—however, these need to be complemented by comprehensive data integration on every step of the inspection from entry to exit points through all systems and users. Integration ensures fully informed adjudications so you gain a strategic edge over those who fall short.

S2 Global understands the importance of accuracy and efficiency when it comes to international border crossings, which is why our solutions, based on real world expertise, backed by end-to-end systems integration, project management and support, combine the best of efficient operations, system integration and training ensuring that customers achieve their security, operational and financial goals.