CertScan integration platform delivers unprecedented inspection rates, security and revenue-focused inspection capabilities.

CertScan® Inspection Integration Platform

Enterprise software to control your security operation, capture data, employ algorithms, empower your workforce, reduce friction, and increase revenue.

CertScan delivers a complete, secure solution for Customs inspectors and security professionals seeking to perform at the highest levels.

The results:

Accelerated Inspection

Higher Throughput

Increased Seizures

Improved Compliance

More Revenue Collection


Common integration platform for inspection of trade, travel and events.

With CertScan, a harmonious process gives every stakeholder the information they need at the right time during the inspection.

Rapid Processing

Handle increasing traffic in your entire inspection operation; track assets through the process. CertScan® integration platform connects every system, combines data from multiple sources and supports application-specific business rules onto one user-based dashboard.

Agile Decision Flows

Make decisions as information becomes available. Within CertScan®, processes can be managed on the fly using the agile decision flow system.  Designing different decision flows based on changing expectations facilitates a live action oriented operation.

Focused Resources

Free up personnel to focus on higher cognitive responsibilities. Let CertScan® automatically manage system tasks through the decision flow function and present the right intelligence to your people to make targeted decisions. CertScan’s user level options frees your resources up to put 100% of their attention on assigned roles.

AI Services

Deploy inspection algorithms within your workflow. Build localized algorithms from captured data. Insert AI into any aspect of your operation.


Integrate with any brand of Non-Intrusive Inspection equipment, complimentary sensors, and data systems.

Increase inspection quality and capture operational efficiency through CertScan’s workflow.

Collect every data point for each inspection and access analytics, reporting and auditing capabilities.

Deploy on prem, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution, always under stringent cyber security protocols.

Customize your dashboard.

Adjudicate onsite or remote.


Label data for personalized algorithm development.

Use CertScan AI Services with localized and third-party algorithms in the workflow.

Support data integrity with CertScan IQ by monitoring sensor and data for standards matching each algorithm.

Share data with security partners.


Get the most out of CertScan with role and image analysis training from S2 University.

Keep everyone in the operation informed of noteworthy inspections with the Be On the Look Out ‘BOLO’ notification system.